Employer Branding from Strategy to Execution


RBNC developed this training program bringing together business units and regions, with a shared and strategic view on Employer Branding. In this course, you will learn how to work on both levels building strategies that will help you to stay on top of both long-term strategies and short-term activities


How you will benefit

  • Understand the value of Employer Branding and its critical role in long-term success of an organization
  • Understand Millennial Learner needs to increase Engagement and Retention
  • How to develop Employer Branding Strategy that fully supports long-term Business objectives
  • How to develop talent personas and stories that support Employer Branding Program and spread them through the most effective channels
  • Follow-up and how to take actions based on your findings after launching Employer Branding Program 

Who should attend

Top Management, Middle to First Line Managers who involve in EVP developing from Strategy to Execution levels

What you will cover

 Module 1: Why Employer Branding

  • How to argue for, anchor and share employer branding issues internally
  • Understand the business plan and how to connect it to employer branding, recruitment and talent management within your organisation
  • Define target groups and target group analysis
  • What Millennial need at workplace and your solutions

Module 2: Building A Strategy

  • Develop and optimize an Employer Value Proposition (EVP). Get the right tools for how to share and get the buy-in from important stakeholders within your organisation. And finally – how to put together execution plans. 
  • Develop KPIs and set goals that are directly related to the business plan

Module 3: Communication Strategy

  • One page plan from Strategy to Execution
  • Formulate your message(s)
  • Identifying and using the right channels, including social media, when communicating your employer brand to your target groups

Module 4: Measure Results

  • Evaluation and follow-up of the on-going Employer Branding strategies and plans
  • Measurement of ROI and KPIs
Study Time

This practical training program is designed with:

16 hours training - 2 days


Live Online
4,200 $
07 Feb & 08 Feb 2025
4,200 $
07 Jun & 08 Jun 2025