Mergers & Acquisitions

RBNC - M&A Advisory Services range from mergers to corporate finance, from fairness opinions to fundraising. Whether you are looking to acquire, divest or raise capital to grow a business, we can provide world-class service with mid-market knowledge unparalleled in the industry.
  • For any business, an acquisition is a major step forward. By using experienced advisors, the acquisitive company will find a large range of suitable local and overseas targets, execute the deal on a timely basis, avoid the many pitfalls and will be one step ahead of its competition.
  • We advise clients on all stages of an acquisition, from the initial phase of defining strategy to successfully closing the deal. We specialize in acquisitions in the mid-market, and with our global footprint we can identify suitable targets and make a personal approach to the owners on a local basis to ensure regional cultural norms are respected. We will advise on valuations to avoid overpaying, and will closely manage the process to ensure a timely conclusion.
  • On the sale of a business, we work with the owners to establish the key priorities, agree the timetable, provide a realistic valuation and manage the transaction from start to finish.
  • All divestitures require delicate and experienced handling to ensure the interests of various stakeholders are respected. a
Fairness opinions
  • In this environment of intense regulatory and shareholder scrutiny, obtaining fairness opinions from a qualified and independent financial advisor is an effective risk management tool to demonstrate prudent corporate governance and assure sound business judgment has been exercised in corporate transactions. We have established a leading reputation in the provision of fairness opinions through extensive financial analysis of the transaction, exhaustive research and comprehensive documentation.
  • To discuss your Mergers & Acquisitions needs, please speak to one of our Global Business Advisor

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