How to Grow Family Business


This practical training program is designed with:

  • 16 hours training 
  • 03 months one-on-one coaching




How you will benefit

By the end of the program, participants will be able to increase Revenue, Profit and Shareholder Value in Family Business

Who should attend

Families in Business: From Generation to Generation is intended for teams of business family members, such as:

  • A chief executive officer [or top family business leader(s)] and his or her spouse
  • Children of the business leader(s) and their spouses
  • Siblings and their spouses/partners
  • Cousins and their spouses/partners
These family members might be:
  • A manager or an employee
  • A board member
  • A shareholder
  • An interested relative, who may be an in-law

What you will cover

Module 1: Challenges

  • Developing a growth philosophy and change-ready culture
  • Turn destructive forces into opportunities
  • Becoming a "Master of Growth"

Module 2: Benchmarking

  • Best practices of fast-growth family businesses
  • Relighting the entrepreneurial flame
  • Evaluate the entrepreneurship is your firm
  • For a more prosperous future, first purge the ghosts from your past
  • How to tell whether your firm can handle new growth
  • A diagnostic test for "growing pains"

Module 3: Organizing for Growth

  • How to find out whether your business is sustainable
  • Keys to sustainable growth
  • Making effective use of an outside board
  • Recruiting CXOs who can help you grow
  • Growing and diversifying under one umbrella

Module 4: The Growth Strategy

  • Catch-up the market trend and your bottom line
  • Think and act of globalization

Module 5: Financing Growth

  • Creative financing without debt
  • Cultivating your banker and selling your expansion plan
  • Step up to the equity cash window
  • Tradeoffs in going public
  • Is there an IPO in your future?
  • IPO do's and don'ts

Module 6: Growth and Succession

  • Create a family culture to support interpreneurship = startup inside of the family business
  • Budget for retirement to avoid killing the business
  • Teach young leaders to take responsible risks
  • Invest in the family's human and intellectual capital

Module 7: Winning the Support of Stakeholder

  • How to win support for investing in future profits
  • The importance of business-literate shareholders
  • Happy employees drive growth
  • Incentives to align employees' work with your goals

Module 8: Alternative Views of Growth

  • Be the best you can be - not necessarily the biggest
  • Buy a new business of your current family business isn't growing
  • Improving your profit-ability
Study Time

This practical training program is designed with:

16 hours training - 2 days


3,500 $
13 Feb & 14 Feb 2025
Live Online
3,500 $
25 Apr & 26 Apr 2025