Conflict Resolution in Family Business


This practical training program is designed with:

  • 16 hours training 
  • 03 months one-on-one coaching




How you will benefit

By the end of the program, participants will be able to build bridges and mending fences

Who should attend

Families in Business: From Generation to Generation is intended for teams of business family members, such as:

  • A chief executive officer [or top family business leader(s)] and his or her spouse
  • Children of the business leader(s) and their spouses
  • Siblings and their spouses/partners
  • Cousins and their spouses/partners

These family members might be:

  • A manager or an employee
  • A board member
  • A shareholder
  • An interested relative, who may be an in-law

What you will cover

Module 1: Understanding Conflict

  • The concept of Yin and Yang in a family business
  • The different points of view between generations (Baby boomer, Gen X, Y, Z)
  • Conflict across cultures

Module 2: Structural Solutions

  • How to stop squabbling over money and power
  • Strategic planning without battle
  • Building harmony into your ownership structure
  • How family councils can minimize family conflict
  • How to split the business to unify the family

Module 3: Succession Strife

  • Three types of founders and the dark sides
  • When parents and children clash

Module 4: Partnership and Rivalries

  • Challenges of the sibling partnership
  • Complexities of the cousin consortium

Module 5: Marital Matters

  • Managing conflict in couple-owned businesses
  • The in-law in the family firm

Module 6: Hot-button Issues

  • Family squabbles in hard times
  • The "keep or sell" debate
Study Time

This practical training program is designed with:

16 hours training - 2 days


New York
3,500 $
09 Jan & 10 Jan 2025
Live Online
3,500 $
11 Dec & 12 Dec 2025