Organizational Leadership


How you will benefit

  • Define leadership from an organizational context
  • Develop an in-depth strong understanding of organizational motivation in the workplace
  • Formulate an internal and external strategy behind organizational communication
  • Generate a plan for high performance teams to deliver peak organizational results
  • Recognize the importance of leadership in sustaining an engaged organizational culture

Who should attend

This course is designed for current business leaders who are keen on improving their leadership skills. The course also caters for aspiring leaders, department heads, senior managers, and team leaders who are interested in developing their leadership skills from an organizational point of view and in preparation for bigger leadership roles

What you will cover

Module 1: Leadership and organizational behavior

  • Defining organizational leadership
  • Understanding organizational behavior
  • Trends and changes
  • People at work: individual differences and perceptions
  • Organizational leadership and ethical standards
  • Leadership success measures

Module 2: Leadership and organizational motivation

  • Organizational motivation - from theory to practice
  • Leading towards a motivated work environment
  • Motivation success measures

Module 3: Leadership and organizational communication

  • Defining organizational communication
  • The strategy behind organizational communication
  • Barriers to organizational communication
  • Overcoming those barriers
  • Communication success measures

Module 4: Leadership and organizational teams

  • The individual contributor versus the team player
  • High performing organizational teams
  • Characteristics of high performance teams
  • Leading teams within an organization
  • Performance success measures

Module 5: Leadership and organizational culture

  • The power of organizational culture
  • Characteristics of an engaged organizational culture
  • Building an organizational culture
  • Sustaining the right organizational culture
  • Culture success measures
Study Time

This practical training program is designed with:

16 hours training - 2 days


Live Online
3,500 $
26 May & 27 May 2025
New York
3,500 $
23 Aug & 24 Aug 2025