Negotiation Skills


The ability to negotiate well is both a key business skill and an important "life skill". Most of us regardless of the position we hold or the type of business we work in find ourselves negotiating, either formally or informally, on an almost daily basis.

It has been said that "there is no easier place in the commercial process to make or lose money than at the negotiation table". It would probably be fair also to say that a good deal of time and effort could be saved and much unpleasantness avoided if people exercised greater skill when negotiating.




How you will benefit

  • Learn tried and tested methods of preparing for and implementing negotiations to achieve successful outcomes.
  • Understand the various types of negotiations in which you may be involved. Whether they are formal, informal, situational, positional or principled.
  • Distinguish negotiation from bargaining.
  • Analyse your own strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator.
  • Discover what points to watch for when negotiating a contract or deal.
  • Generally improve your negotiation skills

Who should attend

RBNC designed this course for anyone in a management position. Salespeople and Purchasing Officers. Those who are called upon to negotiate with staff, management or colleagues, customers, clients, suppliers, Legislative Bodies or Trade Unions. In short, anyone who has to negotiate on the myriad issues which arise in both the marketplace and the workplace.

What you will cover

Module 1: Negotiating Styles

  • Soft and Hard Styles
  • Principled Negotiation 
  • Negotiation Style Profile
  • Characteristics of an Effective Negotiator

Module 2: The Three Secrets to Successful Negotiation

  • Planning
  • Trading Concessions
  • Communication

Module 3: Negotiation and Bargaining

  • When to Negotiate
  • Some Negotiating Principles
  • 13 Negotiation Mistakes
  • Practical Tips on Avoiding the Mistakes

Module 4: Planning: The Key to Win-Win Negotiation

  • The Ten Point Planning Form
  • Checklist for Planning a Negotiation
  • Behavioral Bases of Power

Module 5: Trading Concessions

  • Thirteen Basic Tactics
  • Identifying and Deflecting Tactics

Module 6: Trust-Building

  • Ranking and Discussing the 10 Behaviors in Negotiation

Module 7: Preparing and Conducting Individual and Team Negotiations

  • Practical Role Plays
Study Time

This practical training program is designed with:

8 hours training - 1 day


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3,100 $
11 Jun 2025