Internal Consulting Skills For Human Resources Professional


How does your management view HR…basic record keeper or value-added, tactical business partner?

Many organizations don’t recognize the strategic importance of engaging HR in high-level business decisions. That means it’s up to you - the HR professional - to sell your consulting skill and position yourself as an internal expert who understands the organization’s goals and how to achieve them.

How you will benefit

  • Describe the Role of the HR Professional as a Value-Added Internal Consultant
  • Articulate the Competencies That Successful HR Consultants Demonstrate
  • Describe the Eight-Step Consultant Engagement Methodology
  • Identify Tools and Techniques for Successful Internal Consultant Engagements
  • Use a New Business-Based Consulting Vocabulary Accurately
  • Apply the Model to Change Your Mind-Set and Seek Consulting Opportunities

Who should attend

Human resources managers, generalists and other professionals who need to develop or sharpen their internal consulting skills.

What you will cover

Module 1: Role of the Internal Consultant

  • State the Value of the Internal HR Consultant to the Organization
  • Describe the Three Roles of the Internal Consultant
  • Identify the Skills and Competencies Needed to Be an Effective Internal Consultant
  • List the Eight Steps of a Consultative Engagement

Module 2: Scoping the Issue

  • Recognize Consulting Opportunities on the Job
  • Diagnose Situations to Determine the Client’s Need and Current State
  • Formulate Problem Statements with the Internal Client
  • Document the Statement of Work and Approach to Problem Solving

Module 3: Gathering Information

  • Determine the Data Required for a Successful Engagement
  • Engage the Client and Stakeholders to Solicit Commitment for the Engagement

Module 4: Analyzing Issues and Making Recommendations

  • Synthesize Information from the Data Gathering Phase
  • Identify the Components Needed for Effective Presentations and Deliverables
  • Prepare the Client and Key Stakeholders for Recommendations

Module 5: Providing Feedback to the Management in Your Organization

  • Share the Key Findings in a Manner So That They Will Be Heard and Accepted
  • Position the Findings and Feedback for Client Commitment and Action

Module 6: Develop an Implementation Plan

  • Create a Blueprint and Action Plan Required to Solve the Problem
  • Identify the Role of the Consultant in Implementation

Module 7: Exiting the Engagement

  • Evaluate the Success of the Engagement
  • Determine Next Steps and the Need for Extension

Module 8: Action Planning

  • "Operationalize" the Role of the Internal Consultant
  • Transfer Learning from the Classroom to Your Job Within 24 Hours
Study Time

This practical training program is designed with:

8 hours training - 1 day


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23 Oct 2024
New York
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19 Mar 2025
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