Adjust, Rearrange, Restructure and Transform - Change Management




How you will benefit

  • Build awareness and understanding about the significance of adjustment, re-arrangement, re-structuring, and transformational change
  • Select a team of key managers and opinion formers who will drive the desired change
  • Generate acceptance across the organization towards the overall process of transformation
  • Maintain strong and open channels of communication around the transformational journey
  • Formulate and execute a strategic plan toward implementing transformational change

Who should attend

Leaders, heads of departments, managers, supervisors, project managers, change agents and sponsors and all those involved in driving transformational change

What you will cover

Module 1: Understanding Change

  • Adjust, Rearrange, Restructure and Transform: What, Why, and How
  • Transformational change versus change management
  • Prerequisites for transformational change
  • Measuring the intensity and the need to transform
  • Competencies of Change Agents

Module 2: Establishing the foundation for transformational change

  • The Characteristics and capabilities of transformational leaders
  • Key factors in effective change management
  • The psychological contract
  • The emotional competence framework 

Module 3: The transformational change model

  • The process behind the model
  • The model and the desired leadership characteristics to succeed
  • Creating the climate for transformational change
  • Engaging and enabling the organization
  • Implementing and sustaining
  • Working through the resistance
  • The ongoing process of transformational change

Module 4: Communicating transformational change

  • Communicating with a purpose
  • Analyzing and understanding the needs of the stakeholders
  • The fundamentals of communicating transformational change
  • The transformational change communication playbook

Module 5: Formulating and executing the transformational strategic plan

  • What matters most when executing transformational strategic plans
  • The building blocks of executing transformational strategic plans
  • Mapping improvement to the building blocks
  • Delivering the results and measuring success
Study Time

This practical training program is designed with:

16 hours training - 2 days


New York
4,500 $
13 Jul & 14 Jul 2025