Adaptive Leadership Skills


How you will benefit

  • Distinguish technical problems from adaptive challenges and learn how to observe, interpret and intervene
  • Discover the implications of the status quo on their organizations and diagnose the system
  • Create an adaptive culture by mobilizing the system

Who should attend

This course is designed for current business leaders who are keen on improving their leadership skills. The course also caters for aspiring leaders, department heads, senior managers, and team leaders who are interested in developing their leadership skills from an organizational point of view and in preparation for bigger leadership roles

What you will cover

Module 1: Purpose and Possibility

  • The illusion of the broken system
  • Distinguishing technical problems from adaptive challenges
  • Distinguishing leadership from authority
  • Living the disequilibrium, observing, interpreting, and intervening
  • Experimenting and taking smart risks smartly
  • Engaging above and below the neck and connecting to purpose
  • Living life as a leadership laboratory
  • Resisting the leap to action and discovering the joy of making hard choices

Module 2: Diagnosing the System

  • The elegance and tenacity of the status quo
  • Diagnosing the system and discovering structural implications
  • Determining the technical and adaptive elements
  • Identifying the four adaptive challenge archetypes
  • Recognizing the political landscape and uncovering values driving behavior
  • Sharing responsibility for the organization’s future
  • Valuing independent judgment and building leadership capacity
  • Institutionalizing reflection and continuous learning

Module 3: Mobilizing the System

  • Reframing the group’s default interpretations
  • Generating a diversity of interpretations
  • Designing effective interventions
  • Keeping work at the center of people’s attention
  • Managing authority figures
  • Protecting and engaging the voices of dissent
  • Creating a holding environment
  • Nurturing shared responsibility for the organization
  • Developing leadership capacity
  • Institutionalizing reflection and continuous learning
Study Time

This practical training program is designed with:

16 hours training - 2 days


New York
3,500 $
07 Nov & 08 Nov 2025