Business-to-Business Marketing Strategy


The market for goods and services bought and sold between businesses is huge. Far larger than the consumer market, the business market comprises many types and sizes of organizations that interact selectively and form relationships of varying significance and duration with one another. Although these organizations are often structurally and legally independent entities, a key characteristic is that they are also interdependent. That is, they have to work with other organizations to varying degrees in order to achieve their goals




How you will benefit

  • Understand and Evaluate the practice of segmentation in business markets
  • Understand the role of positioning and strategies in the segmentation
  • Evaluate the nature of business products and consider issues regarding pricing in these markets
  • Understand the behavior, characteristics, and processes that organizations use to purchase products and services
  • Consider the scope and nature of inter-organizational relationships and explore how this impacts the contemporary view of business-to-business marketing

Who should attend

RBNC designed this program for decision-makers and leading executives across functional areas including senior vice presidents, vice presidents, directors of operations, strategic planning professionals, directors of sales, marketing and customer service and all others involved in developing the total customer experience

What you will cover

Module 1: B2B Market Segmentation and Positioning

  • The process of segmenting B2B markets
  • Bases for segmenting business markets
  • Target market selection
  • Barriers to segmentation
  • Positioning

Module 2: Business Value - Products, Services and Pricing

  • Product attributes and benefits
  • Business product strategy
  • Product market strategies
  • Pricing

Module 3: Organizational Buying Behaviour (OBB)

  • A comparision of OBB with consumer buying
  • Decision making units - characteristics
  • Uncertainty, risk and relationships in OBB

Module 4: Interorganizational Relationships

  • The development of relationship marketing
  • Differing types of relationships
  • Partnerships and alliances
  • Trust, commitment and customer satisfaction
Study Time

This practical training program is designed with:

16 hours training - 2 days


3,500 $
11 Aug & 12 Aug 2025

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