VUCA Leadership

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations across the globe into a balancing act - protecting the health and safety of their employees while simultaneously continuing their operations. VUCA Leadership is the must for your organization

V = Volatility >>> think about Vision

Paint a picture of the future you want. Together; as a compass and for orientation; in order to confer meaning and spark motivation – and to forge internal and external identity and effectiveness


U = Uncertainty >>> think about Understanding

Understand interconnections; make them transparent. Reflect on the context. Think and plan meta strategically. Start from the result and work backwards. Harmonise skills. Embrace and exploit behaviours and reactions. Convert anxiety and resistance into productive energy.


C = Complexity >>> think about Clarity

Simplicity. Focus on what counts and what it's really about. Trust, transparent connections and processes. Apply energy and force exactly where they will be most effective.


A = Ambiguity >>> think about Adaptability /Agility

Flexibility. Agility. Scrutinise hierarchical management techniques. Promote a consistent culture for making decisions and accounting for mistakes. Interact transparently with objections. Facilitate innovation and build up resilience.