Product Branding - Storytelling Techniques

Why the product story is so important? Because a product or a service without a story is just a list of features. Nobody needs features. People need solutions to problems in their specific industry. Storytelling allows for putting those features to work by defining practical scenarios. Each business is unique in a way - there are a company mission and business goals. There’s the company culture. There’s a backstory to starting the business. And an ideal subset of problems that are uniquely solved by a solution.
  1. Your Customer Challenge Story
    • Define the Problem (Social, Industry or Organization) with a clear statement
    • Customer Expectations
    • Why Customer select YOU (Product or Service)


  2. Your Solution Story
    • How you solve the Customer-Challenge
    • How you overcome barriers and complexity
    • Why your approach was the best fit one
    • Customers MUST be the MAIN CHARACTER in your solution story


  3. Your Result Story
    • Performance before you came the scene and after
    • How customer save money, save time and/or improve efficiency with your solution
    • Critical Success Factors
    • What people do next