Point of Sales Program - Promotional Marketing Tool #5

A point-of-sale program is a display tactic, permanent or temporary, that a manufacturer creates for placement at a retail location to gain product attention and often to deliver a promotional event. Inherent in the program are concepts to motivate the retailer to place the display (Retailers may execute POS program with the same intentions)


  1. Effectively communicate messages
  2. Navigate customers and clients around your business
  3. The ability to stand out from the crowd with unique and individual branding
  4. Creativity, imagination and personality in displaying products or services
  5. Cross marketing with other brands and companies



  1. It can be costly
  2. You may have to react to competitors' branding, which again could become costly
  3. There is the potential to offend
  4. Vandalism from competitors or someone smudging your hard work





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