14 Questions Every New Startup Founder Should Ask Themselves

When you have good idea, don't jump into detail right away. RBNC designed the following 14 questions guiding you into a PBMC - Pyramid Business Model Canvas, giving you a clear picture of what you should START
  1. Why this Idea, not others? What pain point(s) of Customers that you are going to release?
  2. How big is the market size of this idea? Your idea is good in step 1, but market size is too small, it will not attract Investors
  3. Values Propositions: What Customers' pain points are solved by your products? Your solution(s) could meet Customers' NEEDS, WANTS, and DEMANDS.  It is 2 ways: from Customer (Outside in) and from yourself (Inside out)
  4. Customer Segment: Who is/are your Customer(s)? Your Customer's Portrait?
  5. Customer Relationship: How could you approach and get Customer(s)?
  6. Distribution Channel: How could you sell your product/service to Customer(s)?
  7. Key Activities from your company toward Value Propositions?
  8. Key Resources to support key activities?
  9. Who is/are your partner(s) for this business idea?
  10. Cost structure: All costs related to step 1 - 9 if any?
  11. Revenue Stream: where money in from?
  12. Financial Plan: very important for Yourself, Co-founders, and Investors
  13. Immediate Needs: Your priorities to make a move for your business idea?
  14. Competition: Who is/are your direct/indirect competitor(s)? Your Competitive Advantages?